Join Us TODAY for the First Meeting of DC’s Food Policy Council!

Brandy Brooks Advocacy & Policy

Following the passage of the Food Policy Council and Director Act of 2014, DC now has a Food Policy Director, Laine Cidlowski, and 11 of 12 appointed members of the city’s first Food Policy Council. The first four members were appointed in February, and Dreaming Out Loud Executive Director Chris Bradshaw was among the seven additional members appointed at the end of June.

The DC Food Policy Council wants you to get involved as it begins its work to identify regulatory burdens on the local food economy, collect and analyze data on the food economy and food equity, promote positive food policies, and guide organizations and individuals in the local food economy. The first meeting is taking place today, Wednesday August 3rd from 6-8 pm, in the old Council Chambers at 441 4th Street NW. The DCFPC will also have 4 working groups that are co-chaired by appointed Food Policy Council members and that meet every other month to discuss the following topics:

At Dreaming Out Loud, we believe that the necessity for progressive District policy to comprehensively address income inequality, unemployment, affordable housing, and broader equity issues can be effectively articulated and facilitated through a food lens. “I’m privileged to serve as a member of the first-ever DC Food Policy Council,” says Chris. “We are really excited to be able to play an impactful role on the ground and in public policy, as it relates to the future of the DC food and farm scene. As co-chair of the Urban-Agriculture and Food System Education Working Group, I’m look forward to advancing the implementation of current legislation and proposing new measures to create opportunities for farmers and food entrepreneurs in our community, as well as to build links between urban and rural communities.” Keep an eye out for future posts detailing Dreaming Out Loud’s food policy platform and values.

Please visit Eventbrite for more information about the first meeting. For more information about the mission, priorities and members of the DC Food Policy Council, visit their website.