Dreaming Out Loud is a grantee of the Farmers Market Promotion Program, a key resource in helping us increase to healthy food, support small farmers, and grow small businesses.


RSF has supported DOL through the Local Initiatives Fund, an innovative fund aiding DOL’s community-centered approach to building a socially and ecologically sustainable regional food system, creating jobs and community wealth.


DOL and DC Greens work together to increase healthy food access through farmers markets that support the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program, Produce Plus Program, and various food policy issues.


BB has supported DOL’s work through a 2014 grant to expand garden space and programs at Blind Whino and providing volunteers at for various initiatives.


Provides space for a farmers market located at Unity Health Care clinics, providing healthy food for patients and community members. Through the We Can! program


DOL manages the growing space at BW Arts Club, producing healthy food for the Southwest Community and beyond, training youth farmers, and hosting community-based gardening workshops.


College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Science. DOL works with C.A.U.S.E.S. through the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant to provide food access to communities impacted by “low-access” and “food deserts”, market access for socially disadvantaged farmers, and healthy cooking demonstrations at farmers markets.


DOL and TLF work together to support the discovery, launch, and development of local, small businesses and a localized food system.


The Taproot Foundation facilitated a pro bono partnership between DOL the Corporate Executive Board to aid in strategic mapping, and connections the placement of pro bono consultants to support various projects via Taproot and Pro Bono Days.


CEB partners to support DOL through strategic mapping and visioning at advance organizational development and planning.


DOL is a member of Wholesome Wave’s National Nutrition Incentive Network, sharing best practices and resources for providing healthy food access.

Diverse city fund

The DiversCity Fund provided a grant to support garden expansion and youth development programs at Blind Whino.


DOL participates in the Collaborative to help CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT


DOL and DCCK work to bring education experiences to farmers markets, advocate for inclusive food policy and effective workforce development strategies in the District of Columbia.


We partner to provide an inclusive and fun atmosphere at farmers markets, gardening workshops, and other community and cultural events.

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Together we work to bring healthy cooking experiences and nutrition education to farmers markets and community spaces.

Soilful City

Together, we work to strengthen community food-systems, use agriculture as a tool for community healing, while developing the next generation of farmers, organizers, and activists.


Together we work to strengthen the regional food system through the DCC Farmers Market Collaborative, advocacy, and more.


Dreaming Out Loud is working with the Department of Parks and Recreation to establish a new urban farm and food hub in Ward 7, located at Kelly Miller Middle School.


Together we work to provide spaces and experiences for youth cooperative businesses to flourish at farmers markets and to grow new youth voices for food justice.