Are grocery stores enough to ensure healthy food access?

Proximity Does Not Equal Access: Why Grocery Stores Aren’t Enough

Joanna Williams Advocacy & Policy, Urban Agriculture

Share this Post Adding more grocery stores to marginalized communities will not solve the food crisis in DC. The solution requires a more nuanced and community-based approach. There is a healthy food crisis in DC. Less apparent than the gentrification—which ranks number two in the nation and lends itself to the District’s affordable housing crisis—the food access crisis in DC …

Join Us TODAY for the First Meeting of DC’s Food Policy Council!

Brandy Brooks Advocacy & Policy

Following the passage of the Food Policy Council and Director Act of 2014, DC now has a Food Policy Director, Laine Cidlowski, and 11 of 12 appointed members of the city’s first Food Policy Council. The first four members were appointed in February, and Dreaming Out Loud Executive Director Chris Bradshaw was among the seven additional members appointed at the end of …