We’re building a healthy, equitable food system in DC.

Dreaming Out Loud has increased food access, improved health, and created economic opportunity for the most marginalized communities in the District of Columbia.

Rebuilding urban, community-based food systems

Food deserts. Food swamps. No matter what term people use, the most appropriate word for our food system is “broken” — not only in urban areas but across the country. We believe that our communities have the power to create a new food system for ourselves that prioritizes and sustains community health. Together with our community members and partners, we are improving our physical and mental health, creating new jobs and new businesses, and strengthening our neighborhoods.

Our programs help to empower and educate, build community, and grow economic opportunity through the food system.

Community Markets

We work to build community experiences around healthy food access, supporting small farmers and small businesses.

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Urban Agriculture

We grow food organically, community intentionally.

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Micro-Enterprise and Entrepreneur-ship

We work to grow community economic development.

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Workforce Development

We work to provide training and and personal development to DC residents from low income communities.

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Advocacy and
Public Policy

We work on a policy and advocacy cluster that intersects with food and economics; that forms a critical community revitalization and economic development strategy.

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Dreaming Out Loud is growing the new food economy through our social enterprise model as an urban farm, farmers market, and food hub.

Since 2014, Dreaming Out Loud has reached nearly


people through a growing network of farmers markets with fresh produce and nutrition education, helping our partner farmers and communities distribute more than


pounds of produce.

Why DC?

As our nation’s capitol and a city that has the world’s eyes on it, we believe that solutions here can inspire action across communities far beyond the city limits.

Stories from our work

Ms. Wise

Meet Ms. Wise, a DC community member, advocate, and frequent farmers market-goer.


Looking ahead

By “dreaming out loud”, we are actively building a brighter future, creating a rallying cry for social justice. Deep within communities, people are already leading. We will help create new leaders and amplify the voices of community leadership so that we may be heard together.