Advocacy and Public Policy

The way our food system works is not accidental — it is the result of decades of policy choices at the federal, state and local level. When public policies result in harm to our communities and families, we need to craft new policies that restore our health and wellbeing.

Dreaming Out Loud has worked collaboratively to advocate for public policy that supports greater food security, food justice, and food sovereignty. We’ve played a role in the passage of the Urban Farm and Food Security Act, advocacy and implementation of the Produce Plus Program, the Cottage Food Law, the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Act of 2017 and more to come.

In 2016, our Executive Director, Christopher Bradshaw, was also appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser to a three-year term as a member of the founding DC Food Policy Council. Chris and his colleagues will identify regulatory barriers to nurturing the development and maintenance of a sustainable, equitable, and localized food system, then make recommendations to the Council of the District of Columbia and relevant agencies.

To learn more about food systems policy in the district, visit the DC Food Policy Council.

Urban Farm and Food Security Act

Healthy Affordable Food for All