Urban Agriculture

DOL Organic Garden at Blind Whino

Dreaming Out Loud’s Organic Garden is set against the brilliant backdrop of Blind Whino’s colors. While we call it a garden, it operates like a community-managed, micro-farm. Together, we work with community members to grow healthy food.

The Farm at Kelly Miller

Dreaming Out Loud, along with community members and organizational partners, is working to establish a 2-acre urban farm, located in Ward 7 behind Kelly Miller Middle School.

This urban farm will:

  • Grow healthy, fresh food all year-long for community in organic farming,
  • Improve community health by increasing access to healthy food, healthy cooking demonstrations.
  • Provide STEM education through teacher training workshops, classes, tours for school groups, and programs with Kelly Miller Middle School.
  • Create jobs for disconnected youth, returning citizens, and other members of the community in who face barriers to employment.
  • Support economic development through community food entrepreneurship and cooperatives.